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Raman Muttapan was a Mangattukara kalari aashan (Teacher) who used to worship rudra mala bhagavati, Hanuman and kodangallur baghavati and used to stay near tritamassery Siva temple near modern-day ollur.

He named his home kunnathuvallapil. And he was blessed with a baby boy named Kittu.

Kittu, Unlike his father Raman Muttapan, chose his occupation as chettu (Toddy extractor) during his early days.

One day, after his work, Kittu was coming back home, and he found a tired Yogi siddhan.

He found empathy with the yogi and went to help him, the yogi siddhan asked him for water. Kittu tried to find a water source nearby but unfortunately, he was not able to find water and went and told the matter to the yogi.

Kittu told “I was not able to find water nearby, but I have some toddy with me”

Yogi happily accepted the toddy and told Kittu “Kittu, Hanuman doesn’t like the profession you are doing currently, so stop doing it and I will help you to become a vaidya which will help you and your generations of Vaidyan to flourish”.

After saying this, he handed over 2 books on Ayurveda to kittu.

1)      Treatment science and medical formulation for the Human Body (Which includes Art of Marma)

2)      Veterinary science

Both books were complete in nature and contained all the treatments and remedies for the ailments.

After hand overring the sacred scriptures, the yogi told Kittu

‘Kittu, my purpose in this worldly abode is over and I will return to the almighty. Kittu you should do my funeral rituals as my son

By saying this, the yogi left his body.

As per the instruction, Kittu did all the funeral rituals for the yogi and started learning Ayurveda and became infamous in the region

Kittu was blessed with a baby boy Velu Muttapan who became skilled in Ayurveda

Velu Muttapan had a son named karuppan who became skilled in marma treatments and herbal applications

Karuppan had a son named Velu, who again became skilled in both marma and herbal applications

Velu had a son named Sankaran Vaidya.

Sankaran Vaidya had son named Gangadharan Vaidya

And the sons of Gangadharan Vaidya is My Jayasankar Vaidya and Mr Jayaraj Vaidya

This is how the Art of Marma has been handed over to Jayaraj Vaidya from his forefathers and the Marma technique is exclusively practiced only within the Kunnathuvalappil family.

Mr. Jayaraj Vaidya is the modern day MARMA HEALER