Like a gentle rain caressing mother nature’s verdant valleys, this calming head massage with warm medicated herbal oils followed by steaming and hair pack consisting of fresh herbs, fruits and yogurt leaves your hair shiny,
voluminous, avoid premature greying and hair fall, wards off dandruff. Starts with gentle warm coconut oil massage on scalp lined up by fresh lime application, steaming and herbal curd pack consisting assorted precious herbs imported from Gods own country. Nevertheless your hair shines lustrously as never before. Very much suitable for dry and brittle hair also control hair fall. Also good for dandruff. Gentle warm scalp massage with Bringaraja oil a well-known ayurvedic medicine for greying, followed by lemon hair therapy and steam, the luxurious hair pack with tea leaves and Thaali and Neelamari paste conditions your hair till roots also halt premature greying. Chemparatyadi Oil consisting all the goodness of Hibiscus Plant and many more assorted herbs that work wonders on hair fall is warmed and gently massaged on scalp and hair, followed by deep cleaning lime treatments to open up the follicles and then the exotic hair pack with fresh banana and cardamom paste. You will discover the reduction in hair fall just after the first sitting itself.