Swasthya Specials

Swasthya Specials


Marma Chikitsa

The word ‘marma’ means ‘hidden’, or ‘secret’.Marma points are very important.


Spine Care Program

Our freight company has a consultative, personalized approach to hiring…

migrane images

Migraine Relief Program

Migraine is a neurological disorder that causes intense,

Slim, slimming, weight.

Slimming Program

Our weight reduction program is designed to stimulate..

detox images

Detox Program

(Shodhana Chikitsa) – This is a process of purifying the..


Beauty Care Program

The beauty care program in Ayurveda ensures guaranteed result and nowadays it gets wide acceptance..


Post Natal Care Program

The first three months after delivery is very important for the mother.

Pre and Post-Menopausal

Pre and Post-Menopausal

This is an exclusive package for females nearing or after menopause to..


Relaxation & Rejuvenation Therapy

This treatment program helps to rejuvenate, recharge…


Pcos Care Program

Complete cure and care for PCOS patients starting from age of 12 to 35..


Psoriasis & Eczoma Program

The main Ayurveda treatment used to treat psoriasis is Panchakarma therapy..


Insomnia & Stress Relief Program

Special therapies for age group 4 to 16 varies from..

joint care

Joint care Program

This program takes care of old age related issues such as OA, Prostate gland problems, Parkinsonism..