Have you been suffering from a frozen shoulder? Frozen shoulder is a debilitating condition where you feel stiffness and pain in your shoulder joint. But how what causes this condition, and how can you treat it? What are the symptoms of a frozen shoulder? Read on the blog to discover everything you need to know about frozen shoulder and how Ayurveda can offer the best solution.    

Frozen Shoulder   

Frozen Shoulder is a chronic condition that affects the shoulder joint. In most cases, the pain and stiffness develop gradually and worsen over time. In medical terms, a frozen shoulder is known as adhesive capsulitis, caused by the inflammation of the joint capsule surrounding the shoulder joint. When the joint capsule gets inflamed, it becomes thickened and tight, restricting the movement of the ‘ball and socket joint’. Other causative factors of frozen shoulder include injuries, overuse of joints, chronic illnesses, exposure to wind and cold, incorrect sitting or sleeping position, and more.

Frozen shoulder can either occur in one shoulder or both. Moreover, it develops gradually in three stages. The first stage – freezing, is the most painful as it affects shoulder movement and causes extreme pain. This stage may last anywhere from six weeks to nine months. The second – frozen stage, which can last from four to six months, may witness a decrease in the pain, but the stiffness in the shoulder will remain. In the last thawing stage, the patient’s condition improves as the range of motion improves. This phase usually takes anywhere from 6 months to 2 years to happen.

If you have been experiencing any telltale signs of a frozen shoulder, getting it treated in the budding stage is essential to prevent major problems. It is important to be aware that as the frozen shoulder condition advances, the shoulder gets stiffer, and it would be impossible to carry on with your routine tasks. Self-medication may help you with the pain for a short while, but the stiffness could be disabling, and you may experience worsening pain at night, disrupting sleep patterns.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Frozen Shoulder

In Ayurvedic terms, a frozen shoulder is known as ‘Apabahukam’. Seeking consultation from the best ayurveda doctor in UAE could help treat the condition effectively. According to Dr. Divya Menon, Medical Director at Swasthya Ayurveda Wellness & Medical Clinic, Ayurvedic treatment for frozen shoulder focuses on identifying and eliminating the underlying root cause of the pain. The use of medicated oils, both topically and internally, and herbal remedies like Aristas and Kashayas are all part of frozen shoulder ayurvedic treatment. A combination of herbal concoctions, marma chikitsa, dietary modifications, and lifestyle changes helps in relieving the pain and stiffness of joints. Depending on the severity and symptoms of the condition, the duration of Ayurvedic treatment could extend between weeks to months. At Swasthya Ayurveda Medical and Wellness Clinic, we focus on providing personalized services to our patients through highly qualified Ayurveda practitioners, excellent diagnostic facilities, and treatment options.