If you are involved in any athletic endeavor, you might have experienced an injury at least once. Injuries are common in sportspeople and can occur throughout the body to bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other structures. No matter what type of protective gear is worn or what rules are implemented to keep the players safe, injuries are an unavoidable part of the game. Sports necessitate a lot of effort, quick changes of direction, and physical stamina. While these are all commendable achievements, they can also result in catastrophic injuries that can have long-term consequences if not appropriately treated.

Treating Sports Injuries with Ayurveda

Sports injuries can be brought on by an accident, an impact, inadequate training techniques, using the wrong equipment, being out of shape, or not warming up and stretching enough. Muscle sprains, strains, ligament and tendon tears, dislocated joints, shattered bones, and brain injuries are all possible consequences. Any portion of the body might suffer a sports injury on the field or court, even though the joints are the most susceptible.

Fortunately, Ayurveda has an assortment of options to treat sports injuries with its holistic approach and personalized treatments. Experienced ayurvedic practitioners have equipped with the knowledge, techniques, and products to help athletes of all ages overcome the effects of sports injuries.

A medical professional should always be consulted first for any physical injury, regardless of severity. The following symptoms should be reported right away and are to be taken seriously as warning signals of serious injury:

  • Any form of physical discomfort
  • Localized tenderness, warmth, or sensitivity
  • Heavy bruising
  • Redness or inflammation
  • Inability to move or balance yourself
  • Tingling or numbness elsewhere or in the affected area

After consulting a doctor and receiving a diagnosis of your condition, you may decide how to treat your injury. Whether or not you need a massage for sports injury would be based on your health condition and symptoms. When it comes to long-term symptoms of a sports injury that hasn’t entirely recovered, Ayurveda is the best choice. Herbal concoctions, ayurvedic treatments, and sports injury massage will help the injured area heal over time, encourage bone growth, build up your muscles, and nudge you closer to a full recovery.

Ayurvedic Massage Therapies for Sports Injuries

There are a number of Ayurvedic clinics that offer sports massage in Dubai. What makes Ayurvedic sports massage a perfect choice to treat your injuries is its ability to stimulate and nourish internal organs. Ayurvedic massage therapies help rejuvenate and energize the cells of your body, thus promoting the self-healing of cells and restoring optimum health.

Ayurvedic massage performed by an experienced sports injury massage therapist positively affects the body, mind, and spirit. Abhyangam is one of the most popular Ayurvedic massage therapies that involve coordinated movements that stimulate nerve endings and improve blood circulation, facilitating the body’s early removal of toxins. The herbs in the therapeutic oils revitalize the tissue, aid in removing pollutants, and provide a sense of well-being. In Ayurvedic sports injury massage, lukewarm herbal oil activates nerve endings, enhancing peripheral blood circulation. The targeted lengthy flowing strokes improve lymphatic flow and encourage early body detoxification. The herbal oils used in Abhyanga are tailored to the individual’s constitution (Vata, Pitta, or Kapha) and current health condition. These heated herbal oils penetrate cells deeply and liberate poisons from the body, mind, and spirit. It has cellular-level detoxification and healing effects.

In addition to Abhyangam, other Ayurvedic treatments are available to treat sports injuries. Some of the common therapies include, but are not limited to:

  • Podikizhi: This Ayurvedic procedure is renowned for easing pain, oedema, and spasms. It strengthens muscles and uses hot herbal boluses and medicinal oil to treat bodily aches.
  • Lepam: In this procedure, a medicated herbal paste is applied to the body part that requires treatment. It reduces muscle pain, inflammation, and bruising.
  • Bandage: Hot paste and leaves are used in this procedure. After a deep massage, the sports injury massage therapist will apply a heated paste on the afflicted area.
  • Njavarakizhi: During this massage for sports injury, the body is massaged using pouches containing cooked Njavara rice. Njavarakizhi reduces stress, tones muscles, and enhances skin texture.
  • Marma therapy: Marma chikitsa focuses on stimulating, soothing, and treating the marma points in the body with specific strokes and pressure. It is used to purify, strengthen, and renew the body and for rejuvenation, relaxation, and energy release.

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