Obesity has been a significant problem among the modern-day urban population. Fast and hectic lifestyles, poor diets, and inconsistent or no exercise routines make practically everyone gain too much body mass. But how many of us genuinely understand what the term “obese” or “obesity” means? We rarely understand the significance of maintaining a balanced daily schedule until we become severely overweight and begin to experience body mass-related disorders.

Obesity can be defined as abnormal or excessive fat accumulation in your body with a Body Mass Index (BMI) value of 30.0 or more. A lot of money is being invested in research to discover the methods and techniques to curb unusual weight gain. While some of these techniques work, most are ineffectual and sometimes even harmful. Weight loss has been a popular topic among the masses, and each person is waging their own unique war against obesity. Weight loss experts are always sprouting, promoting their brand-new, cutting-edge business tactics to address this issue. Fitness experts are also in the race, constantly attempting to pitch the public on their products and systems. With an assortment of diet fads, exercise plans, fitness experts’ training, and so many conflicting theories out there, it would be confusing to find the right one that would help you lose the extra pounds.

Ayurveda for Healthy Weight Loss

The ancient holistic practice of Ayurveda strictly warns us against unhealthy ways of weight loss. A major distinction between modern weight reduction approaches and Ayurvedic herbal treatment in Dubai is the sheer longevity of Ayurvedic treatments that combine weight loss with general principles for the spirit, mind, and body’s well-being.

According to Ayurveda, fat accumulation or unhealthy weight gain occurs due to the deposition of toxins (also known as ‘Ama’) in the body. Stress, wrong eating patterns, unhealthy lifestyle, and poor sleep are some of the major factors that lead to the formation of excess fat. Ayurveda emphasizes the need to maintain a harmonious connection between your life and the shifting phases of nature. That is why Ayurvedic weight loss concepts are based on determining and eliminating the cause of abnormal weight gain. The goal is to increase the body’s digestive efficiency and break down the stubborn fat that is resistant to exercise and diet.

Udwartnam – An Ayurvedic Massage Therapy for Weight Loss

The Ayurvedic weight loss program primarily calls for a complete lifestyle change starting with what, when, and how you eat your food, how you breathe, and the activities you take to complement your diet. However, in addition to lifestyle modifications and diet plans, there are various Ayurvedic practices and herbal remedies for weight loss. One such method is ‘Udwartnam’, which involves applying medicated herbal powder and oil to the entire body. According to Dr. Divya Menon, Medical Director at Swasthya Ayurveda, Udwartnam can strengthen the lymphatic system, which in turn helps the body to lose fat and become stronger.

During Udwartnam, the body will be covered in herbal oils before being massaged firmly with herbal powders known as ‘Choornams’ in the upward direction. The massage techniques are carried out in seven positions using the appropriate pressure to dissolve the fat beneath the skin. The massage duration may last from 30 to 45 minutes, and the therapy is concluded by steam and bath. This procedure burns the excess fat accumulated in the body by creating heat through massage strokes. It rejuvenates the body, enhances skin texture, and increases blood circulation.

If you have been looking for an effective weight loss program without harmful side effects, then Ayurvedic treatments and herbal remedies are the best options. At Swasthya Ayurveda and Wellness Centre, we have a team of experienced and qualified doctors who can help you start your journey toward a slimmer and healthier body.